Venue & Local Information

Please note that the first day of the workshop (23rd Oct) will be held at Warren House and the rest of the programme (and accommodation booked through registration) will be at Cumberland Lodge. Bus transfer from Warren House to Cumberland Lodge will be provided on the evening of the first day (see below).

Warren House, Warren Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, KT2 7HY, UK (23rd October)
Cumberland Lodge, The Great Park, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 2HP, UK (24th, 25th October)

Accommodation at Cumberland Lodge will be booked through workshop registration.

Transport from Warren House to Cumberland Lodge

We have arranged for 2 buses to collect delegates from Warren House to Cumberland Lodge on the evening of the first day of the workshop (23rd Oct). The first bus will depart from Warren House at 5:45pm and the second bus at 6:00pm. Once the session is over you will have 30 minutes to make your way to the front of Warren House where your bus will be waiting. Please ensure that you have taken down your posters, collected all your luggage and visited the rest rooms. The journey will take approximately 45 minutes dependent on traffic and will not be stopping along the way. It is a 17 mile journey and there are no facilities on board the bus.The estimated time of arrival will be at 6:30pm. Each bus seats 35 delegates and seats are not allocated. Please make sure that you will get onto one of these buses. If you do not get on then you will have to arrange for your own taxi to take you to Cumberland Lodge.

Taxi's to and from Cumberland Lodge

Approximate fares: 10 to/from Egham, 25 to/from Heathrow & 65 to/from Gatwick